Offcut, the Edge 边缘及边角料
BY Zhao Qian 赵谦

Size: 240mm x 320mm x 10mm
64 pages, Hardcover
First Edition: 600, Published in Sep 2017

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About the artist

Zhao Qian is a photographer and artist, who was born in China and currently lives in San Francisco. He has exhibited internationally such as Rathfarnham Castle (Dublin, Ireland), French Pavilion (Zagreb, Croatia), MACRO / Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome (Rome, Italy), Ogden Museum of Southern Art (New Orleans, USA), Kala Art Institute (Berkeley, CA,USA), Today Art Museum (BeiJing, China) and Dalian Art Museum (Dalian, China). In 2016 he had solo shows in 001 GALLERY (Rome, Italy), Reminders Photography Stronghold Gallery(Tokyo, Japan) and Lianzhou Foto festival (Guangdong, China). His work has been featured in publications such as "British Journal of Photography", "Der Greif” DOC! photo magazine” “LensCulture" and "Yet Magazine”.

Zhao Qian has received "Vermont Studio Center Residency and Fellowship", "The Cow House Studio Artist Residency and Grant”,"HANGAR/ Artistic Research Center Artist Residency Program" and "Kala Art Institute Residency Program" . His “Offcut, the edge” has been selected as 11th Reminders Photography Stronghold Grantee.

About the book

I flew to San Francisco from Shanghai on August 11, 2014.The whole journey extended 9,872 miles, and the flight took 10 hours and 50 minutes. The time difference between Shanghai and San Francisco was 15 hours, so I took three days to get adjusted. I slept for at least ten hours each day.

This series is based on my daily life and imagination. I keep a distance from the city I now live in. Landmarks, shopping malls and new neighborhoods help me to constructed an unreal city in images and memory: a fictitious city that is based on an actual place but that is transformed by an associative process. With people seeming to appear out of mist, the slightly off-kilter images connect to something odd but interesting. These images ask viewers to look again, to step closer and to investigate what might be there in that other dimension.


赵谦是出生于中国目前居住在旧金山的摄影师和艺术家。 他的作品广泛展出于世界各地。 他的作品发表在 「British Journal of Photography」、「Der Greif」、「DOC! photo magazine」、 「LensCulture」、 「Yet Magazine」等。他的「边缘及边角料」获得了第十一届RPS基金和 「British Journal of Photography」的 Breakthrough Awards:Run up。


商场 、地标建筑和居住的社区
虚拟的城市是基于实际的地方 ,但经由了一个关联的过程转化。
随着雾气的消散 ,这些稍稍失衡的图像连接到一些奇怪而有趣的事件。
这些图像要求观众重新审视 ,